Friday, October 30, 2009

The Gastro Gnome on the Road

I'm venturing out of my gnome-home and taking my superfoods with me.

For those of you based in Victoria or South Australia, come visit me in action at three fantastic events over the next month:

This coming Sunday, November 1, I'll be representing Living Raw Magazine at World Vegan Day at the Abbotsford Convent. I'll also have Raw Life! chocolate bars for sale, made with love (and raw cacao!) by the amazing Paulina. Some of my favorite local raw/vegan enterprises will be there too - Loving Earth, le cru, the Melbourne Raw Food Meet-up Group, Helena's Living Foods, Vegan Revolution, Radical Grocery and more. Oh and make sure you stop by Thoran's Raw Lounge. It's all happening!

The following weekend, November 6-9, I'll be at the Entheogenesis Australis Conference in Swanpool, Victoria. This is a group very close to my heart, and the weekend is guaranteed to be paradigm-shifting. In fact it was at this very conference two years ago that I first discovered the magic of raw and living foods, thanks to Sufiyo, Luke and Stil. There will be an incredibly talented range of speakers and workshops all focused around different ideas of evolving consciousness and the human relationship with plants.

Gastro Gnome Superfoods will be sharing a market stall with the talented artistic folks from Izwoz. There will be lots of cacao consumed, so please excuse us in advance for extreme silliness. Better yet, try some superfood yummies and join in the joy. I've got five fabulous flavours on their way, all packed with super natural goodness: Honey Lucuma Apricot, Green Cacao, Maca Cacao Crunch, Orange Goji Mesquite, and Cacao Spice.

The last weekend in November Gastro Gnome Superfoods will make another appearance at the Circuitree Reconnect Festival in Robertstown, South Australia. Granted, it's in the middle of nowhere, but hey, so is Burning Man! And these guys put on a great party. Not to mention some booty-groovin' music, including an appearance by Bleep (Jayson!).

See ya out there in the universe!

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