Friday, July 31, 2009

Cool Rawkin' Aussie Stuff

Wanna make your raw life better? Here are few fantastic raw enterprises recently rolled out by a couple of amazing Aussie lasses which I think are worth checking out, supporting, and generally showing some love to. They'll love you right back!

#1 - Monkey Mike's Raw Food Cookbook: an Un-cookbook Book for Kids. By Melbourne's own Joanne Newell! Those of you who follow the blog at will be familiar with Joanne's work, and let me tell you, she's one passionate, lovely lady. Her book looks really well laid out and easy to follow for kids from about 7-years-old and up. Also a nice reminder that raw food prep needn't be overly complicated to be delicious, and that's it accessible for everybody. Get it for kids in your life that you care about (including your inner child).

#2 - Passionate Gourmet Uncooking School. Just launched in Perth! How I wish I were in Perth right now so I could attend one of these classes offered by the talented, passionate and endlessly inspiring Kate Quinn (also the creator, editor and publisher of Living Raw). She also does catering, coaching and about a million other things. Catch her if you can!

There are so many other amazing things happening on the Australia raw scene now as well. I welcome anyone to post other great Aussie raw stuff in the comments section so we can all benefit from the snowballing creative energy going on here.

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